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Our Fees

Our ability to price competitively is achieved by not having expensive “high street” offices or staff thereby keeping our costs to a minimum which represents a saving that we can pass on to our clients. Instead we use external consultants chosen from a network of experts to supplement our work in specific areas. The use of such a high level of technical expertise is always discussed with clients prior to incurring extra costs.

Initial meetings are free of charge to enable us to get to know our client properly without any fee pressure and under no obligation.

Our pricing structure can be based on a traditional time and fee basis or, more commonly nowadays, a fixed fee basis.

Our fixed fee quote for the first year is always treated as a maximum fee and frequently the actual fee issued is less if the work involved proves to be less than anticipated.

Fees are always discussed with clients so there are no “nasty surprises”. If costs exceed a quote in the first year then we accept the loss and discuss with the client ways of reducing the work involved in future or establish the correct level of fees for the future.

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