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Additional Business Grants from Winchester City Council In addition to their existing Micro Business Development Grant Scheme, Winchester City Council has added a new Business Start Up Grant Scheme which is available to local businesses within the first six months of operation. We are always delighted to help support new businesses and would be pleased to assist in the preparation of the comprehensive business plan which forms part of the application process.

National minimum wage. The National Minimum wage changes from October 1st 2013. The new rates are Adult - £6.31 per hour. 18 – 20 year olds - £5.03 per hour. 16 – 17 year olds. £3.72 per hours.

RTI – PAYE. If you are an employer you cannot fail to be aware of the new arrangements for reporting payments to employees and directors, although figures released by HMRC reveal that only one payment in six is currently being correctly reported. The rules can be particularly complex where they relate to directors. The penalty regime for businesses with fewer than 50 employees has been suspended for a further six months to the end of this tax year. It is essential to use this breathing space to become aware of the issues and get systems in place to cope from 6th April 2014. Contact us for more details.

Compare your life’ TV programme and business start-ups. Have your circumstances forced you to consider running your own business, or has it simply been a long desired ambition? Has the ‘Compare your Life’ programme inspired you to make the change? Whether setting up a business from scratch or purchasing an existing business we can offer support and guidance at an affordable price but, you need to contact us in the earliest stages of running your business for the most effective advice.

Room hire and catering – VAT. The rules regarding the hiring of rooms and related catering have changed. If you are involved in this type of

business, for example hotels and conference centres, contact us for more information.

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